About us: Institute of African Studies in Nanjing University

Africa Studies in Nanjing University has a long history. In 1964, one of the earliest Afrcian studies centers in China was established in Nanjing University.

The African studies in Nanjng University has the special characteristics of focusing on the studies of African geography and well as development studies in Africa.  From 1964 to 1993, the African Studies in Nanjing University were focused on the African economic geography studies with the support from the Chinese Government. A series published papers, books and reports as well as African Atlas were the popular archives of African Studies in China. In the year of 1979, Nanjing University initiated and sponsorded establishment of the China Society For African Studies, and Prof Tongzhu Zhang, the director of the Institute of Afrcian Studies in Nanjing University(IASNJU),  had been the chairman of the society from 1979 to 1999.

In the new centuary,  the Sino-African cooperation has entered a fast development era since 2000. The IASNJU has also experienced the rapidly blooming time, and aiming at three missions and goals: the high level reseach center for African studies; the think tank for African development and Sino-African cooperation; the high level academic exchanges on African studies.

Now, the Institution of African Studies in Nanjing University has launched a project of international partnership on African development studies. We hope to accelerate the international cooperation and exchanges on African Studies, especially the African development studies in a geographical view.