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[会议征文]第四届旅游接待业国际会议征文通知 中山大学旅游学院
2013年09月12日 学术会议 暂无评论

Call for Papers

Changing Asian Consumption Patterns and Emerging Dilemmas:
A New Research Agenda for the Next Practice in Tourism and Hospitality

December 2nd – 4th, 2013 / 2013年12月2-4日
Guangzhou, Canton, China / 中国•广州


Since its formulation, the McDonaldization thesis has triggered a global intellectual debate and inspired a significant volume of publications, on the existential conditions of individuals and the escape-from-uncertainty-through-designed standards.  While Ritzer’s social criticism has been highly successful, studies find increasingly, that the principal driving force of consumer society is ‘global localization’ as opposed to cultural homogenization. This turning point in the literature serves as an appropriate beacon heralding the wealth and power shift towards Asia where ideas of East-West fusion are a dominant motif. The Changing Asian Consumption Patterns and Emerging Dilemmas conference theme reflects the influence of pervasive information and communication technologies intertwined with the global dispersion of supply chains on travel consumption patterns. In principle tourism will remain a mass business but the shift in market structure will change Asian consumption patterns, including emerging dilemmas, in particular:

自从里兹提出“麦当劳化的社会”的概念以来,这一理论已经在全球范围内激起大讨论,研究者关注着这一问题,并出版了为数众多的书籍和论文。全球化背景下,无论是企业抑或顾客都试图通过标准化手段来规避不确定性和风险。尽管“麦当劳社会”这一理论成功地激起了人们的讨论,然而,研究者也发现,消费社会(Consumer Society)中的主要驱动力量是全球当地化(Global Localization),而非简单的文化同质化(Cultural Homogenization)。这可被视为研究领域的一个转折点,预示着财富和权力转向亚洲,东西方思想的融合将占主导地位。“亚洲消费模式的变革和困境”会议主题反映了信息技术对旅游消费模式的影响,及其与全球范围内分散的供应链之关系。一般来讲,旅游业是个大产业,但是市场结构变化将会改变亚洲的旅游消费模式。在这一背景下,新兴的困境将凸显。

Tourism will become simultaneously more mass customized, less frequently booked as package arrangements and more often compiled a la carte according service and comfort modules travelers require;


Asian tourists, predominantly those under 45 years of age have become more savvy travelers with higher expectations driving market dynamics which offer scope to reframe functioning value propositions;


Asia’s competitive landscape is likely to remain in flux as marketing interactions, when framed within service cycles show potential for supplier involvement in value-for-use assessment beyond sale transactions;

亚洲市场的竞争仍然可能保持不稳定的格局,营销互动(Marketing Interactions)、服务圈(Service Cycles)等可被用于评估供应商的潜在参与值,而不仅仅是交易活动本身。

One directly technology-enabled aspect  of globalization is known as the ‘second unbundling’, which refers to the ever finer geographical dispersion of activities in service and goods provision;

全球化带来的重要技术结果之一即是,供应商需要“再次分类计价(Second Unbundling)”,为特定地理区域的需求者供应更精细的商品和服务。

Though linked in remit and areas of conduct, the domains of brand presentation, provision and preservation are managerially isolated from one another and complicating decision making processes;


The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and the 2011 Tohoku disaster raised awareness of ecological, ethic and social values; that satisfying consumer demands should not undermine the preservation of natural and heritage environments;

2008年汶川大地震和2011年日本东北灾难(Tohoku disaster)后,人们开始关注生态、伦理和社会价值观,不应该以破坏自然和文化遗产为代价来满足消费者的需求。

The shift in value propositions from standardised offers to reciprocal promises based on trustworthy relations put contradictory demands on brands between absorbing variety and creating distinctiveness.


The conference organizers invite papers which contribute to knowledge how to boost competitiveness, while supporting smart, sustainable and social inclusive development. Papers are invited which coincide with the conference theme, recognizing that there have been common transnational patterns in the transformation of tourism, but there is also significant variation. That national policies shape what is optimal in each context; even in a globalizing world, embedded in technological structures, local societal choices matter. To explore and exploit the opportunities of Asia’s changing consumption patterns optimally, depends on gearing national policies towards changing the rules and adapting business modeling, where appropriate.


All accepted papers will be published in the on-line conference proceedings and the most outstanding ones will be fast-tracked for review by the editors of selected journals for possible publication.


The conference registrations will open soon and the conference agenda will follow shortly. Enquiries on the event can be sent to Mr. Lu, 1175455973@qq.com.

会议注册即将启动,会议议程将很快出台。会议相关咨询可发邮件:Mr. Lu, 1175455973@qq.com.


English is the language of the conference. In the above context, manuscripts are invited on topics related to the issues described above and including:


Criteria for selecting viable chain partners


Comparative studies of Sino-European standardization development for hospitality and tourism


 Competitive and collaborative advantage from digitalization


Codes of conduct and certification in the international value chain


Cross cultural management


Destination marketing: The reputational risk and legacy impact of hallmark events


Developing new business models


Global value chain analysis and sustainable development


Globalization and local identity


Globalization, national identity and place branding in the context of China/Asian outbound travel


    International Strategy and Implementation for hospitality & tourism enterprises


Leveraging Creativity through the arts, media and community of practice


Lifecycle perspective of international value chain development


Measuring the impact of partnerships for value chain development


Managing relations within a partnership


New modeling approaches for territorial governance: dilemmas of tourism standardization


Place branding: Does it contribute to state building?


Partnerships as a matter of choice for destination governance and brand positioning


Public and private partnerships interfacing and institutionalism in China and/or EU-member states


Regional and City Branding under Conditions of Fragmentation and Standardization


Relationship of service quality and standardization in hospitality and tourism industry


Role and nature of information technologies within the context of Asian travel and hospitality


Role of China in international cooperation of tourism standardization


Service Provision in the Creative Economy: The Standardization vs. Authenticity Paradox


Smart Destination Development: How to Cope with Conflicts originating from Dichotomies


Sustainable development and tourism standardization in the China or EU-member state context


 Destination management and touristic governance


Web 2.0 and social media: advances and dilemmas

Web 2.0和社会媒体:进步和困境


However, submissions are not limited to these topics. Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcome. The topics will be organized by tracks/issues (main categories) to aggregate common avenues of research, where appropriate.



Deadline for Submission/关键日期

Proposals for special sessions, themed workshop tracks and innovative forms of networking and collaboration are welcome. However, paper proposals may be empirical or practical in nature, but should bear a relationship to the conference theme and present managerial issues that are relevant to researchers and managers.


Abstracts should have a maximum of 250 words and submitted before the deadline September 15th, 2013 by completing the appropriate paper proposal (or abstract, See conference homepage). Submitters will receive a message of acceptance/rejection by September 30th, 2013. Last submission date (full paper or extended accepted abstracts) will be October 31st, 2013 (this last submitted version will be included the conference material for distribution to the conference delegates).


Submission Rules and Policies: 原则与政策

1. Submitted papers must not have been previously presented or scheduled for presentation in an international conference, or published or accepted for publication.


2. Each submitter is allowed to enter 1 paper submission only as the first author author/presenter. This enables a smooth scheduling process and ensures broad program participation.


3. Please note that incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.





Professor Leo Paul Dana,the editor of the Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places, has agreed to publish selected papers that coincide with the objectives of his publication. The format for submissions to the Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places can be found at:www.emeraldinsight.com/jec.htm.

Enterprising Communities: People and Places 杂志承诺收录相关主题优秀论文,论文格式要求见:www.emeraldinsight.com/jec.htm


Professor Slawomir Magala, editor of the Journal of Organizational Change and Management invites delegates to submit a paper for review in a special issue on Change management: Developing Analyses Beyond the Standardisation -Authenticity Dichotomy.

组织变革和管理杂志(Journal of Organizational Change and Management)鼓励参会者提交关于管理变革研究主题的论文:如标准化-原真性困境中,企业该如何发展?


Tourism Tribune (in Chinese)/旅游学刊

Professor Lingyun Zhang, editor of the Journal of Tourism Tribune, invites delegates to submit a paper for review in a special issue on Hospitality Development in China.



Conference Organizers/主办机构

Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) is one of China’s top universities and well-known for its management research and teaching. The School of Tourism Management has been actively involved in international cooperation and development and has established close linkages with the tourism industry inChina andGuangdong province in particular. Please see http://www.sysu.edu.cn/2012/en.



The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University is a leading business institution with the goal of creating leaders in thought, action, and engagement in the greater world. RSM is member of a small group of business schools with triple accreditation by EQUIS, AACSB and the Association of MBAs and identified by theFinancial Times among the top international management schools in the world. Please see http://www.eur.nl/english/

伊拉斯姆斯大学鹿特丹管理学院(RSM)是一个世界上领先的商学院,旨在培养思想兼行动都优秀的领导者。RSM是少数同时获得EQUIS认证、AACSB认证和 MBAs认证的学院之一,被金融时报誉为世界上顶尖的国际化管理学院。网址:http://www.eur.nl/english/


China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), formerly known as the State Science and Technology Commission Standardization Research Institute, is engaging in standardization research. Research Center of the Modern Service Standardization of CNIS is one of the first professional research team in China to carry out services standardization research. It has been committed to carry out the standardization of services cutting-edge theory, the policy design and applied research over the years. Providing a range of standardized solutions for government departments, trade associations, companies and other institutions, and forming a large number of research results to promote the service industry standardization work and produce good economic and social benefits. Please see http://en.cnis.gov.cn/



SAC (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China) has been involved in standardization in the field of tourism. At least they provide the input for international standardization in this field. http://www.fbw-cnis.org.cn



European Academy for Standardization (EURAS) was founded in Hamburg in 1993 by researchers from various academic fields (i.e. economics, engineering, social sciences, law, and information sciences). It is a registered society under German civil law, and a non-profit organization. The foundation of EURAS was prompted by a common desire to promote and achieve progress in the academic treatment of standardization, involving the widest possible range of disciplines.  Please seehttp://www.euras.org/



China Tourism Academy was founded in Beijing in 2008 by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). CNTA aims to establish itself as "think tank of the government, brainpower of the industry and highland of the academia specialized in promoting the development and international exchange of the Chinese tourism industry", by focusing on researches on basic theories, policies as well as key and difficult issues concerning the development of tourism, studying, compiling and verifying tourism development plans, providing technical support to the inspection of tourism development plans submitted by local governments, organizing the training of high-level and professional talents in the tourism field and managing international and domestic academic exchanges. Please see http://eng.ctaweb.org.



Conference Chairs/会议主席

Dr. Jigang Bao Professor, Dean of School of Tourism, Sun Yat-sen University, China

保继刚 中山大学校长助理、旅游学院院长、教授

Dr. Frank Go, Professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands



Conference Advisory Committee/咨询委员会

Prof. Dr. George Ritzer,Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Editor of Journal of Consumer Culture, and the Associate Editor of Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, the author of The McDonaldization of society. (to be invited for keynote speech)

马里兰州立大学杰出教授,Journal of Consumer Culture主编,全球高引用率学术书籍《The McDonaldization of Society》的作者(引文达4000余次)。

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt is the founder and director of the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute based in Heide/Holstein and Shanghai. (to be invited for keynote speech)


Bin DAI, Professor, Founding President of the China Tourism Academy(to be invited for keynote speech)

戴斌 中国旅游研究院院长

Changhong BAI, Dean, Professor at College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, China

白长虹 南开大学旅游与服务学院院长、教授

Huiming GU, Deputy Dean, Professor at School of Tourism Management, Beijing International Studies University

谷慧敏 北京第二外语学院旅游管理学院副院长、教授

Tolo Deyà, Dean, Faculty of Tourism, University of Balearic Islands, Spain


Haiyan SONG, PhD, Chair Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

宋海岩 香港理工大学旅游与酒店管理学院教授、博士

Liping CAI, PhD, Professor, Deputy Dean of School of Consumer and Home Economics Science, Purdue University, USA

蔡利平 普渡大学消费者与家庭经济学院副院长、教授

Brent W. RITCHIE, PhD, Head and Research Director, School of Tourism, The University of Queensland



Conference Program Committee/程序委员会

Qing PENG, Executive Vice-dean, Tourism School, Sun Yat-sen University

彭青 中山大学旅游学院 常务副院长、教授

David CHAN, General Manager, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

陈柏桓 广州富力君悦酒店总经理,广州市酒店行业协会执行会长

Henk de Vries, PhD, Associate Professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Chaozhi ZHANG, PhD, Professor at School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-sen University

张朝枝 中山大学旅游学院,博士、教授


The Scientific Committee/学术委员会

Guojun Zeng, School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-sen University, China 中国中山大学旅游学院 曾国军

Adee Athiyaman, Western Illinois University, USA 美国西伊利诺伊大学

Arja Lemmetyinen, University of Turku, Finland 芬兰图尔库大学

Francesco Calza, University of Naples "Parthenope", Italy 意大利那不勒斯大学

Frank Go, Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands 荷兰鹿特丹管理学院

Henk de Vries, Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands荷兰鹿特丹管理学院

Honggang Xu, School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-sen University, China 中国中山大学 徐红罡

Leo Paul Dana, Montpellier Business School, France 法国蒙彼利埃高等商学院

Lise Lycke, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 丹麦哥本哈根商学院

Maria Della Lucia, University of Trento, Italy 意大利特兰托大学

Mariapina Trunfio, University of Naples "Parthenope", Italy意大利那不勒斯大学

Patrick Stroobandt, Plantijn University of Applied Sciences, Belgium 比利时Plantijn应用科学大学

Slawomir Magala, Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands荷兰鹿特丹管理学院

Stephen Little, Open University Business School, United Kingdom 英国开放大学商学院

Ulla Hakala, University of Turku, Finland芬兰图尔库大学


Secretary General

Bin Liu PhD, Assistant Professor of Tourism School, Sun Yat-sen University

刘    冰  中山大学旅游学院,博士、讲师

Xiaojuan YU PhD, Assistant Professor of Tourism School, Sun Yat-sen University

余晓娟 中山大学旅游学院,博士、讲师


Who should attend/与会人员

This conference is aimed at: hospitality, travel, retail sector practitioners, consultants, government agencies, ministries of economic development and cultural Institutes and foundations, regional and city governments; mayoral offices; regional, cantonal, state and city tourism, economic and development agencies, investment promotion agencies, academics and researchers in marketing, international politics, public affairs, international marketing and branding, international relations, public diplomacy and journalists who serve a wider public to debate issues, risks and potential solutions.



Business-to Business Event 业界活动

The conference gives affordance to suppliers from EU-member states to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business with Chinese hospitality and tourism service providers




Registration takes place via the Conference homepage the steps that follow:

1. Click the homepage and complete the form as indicated;

2. Forward your abstract (review is estimated to take place within approximately 2 weeks)

3. To qualify for a discount book your hotel room prior to October 1st contact:







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